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I have most of my health story written in the section"About Me". Here, I will list a smaller list of supplement you can test to balance your hormones and boost your metabolism, that worked for me. A newer version and more comprehensive, clinically studied program is suggested above and is more expensive and  works faster. you decide what you need and what fits your budget.  

With these packages you will get a free membership and save 10-15% on your orders. If you put them on autoship you save another 10%. 

Vitalizer for Women #20283 (30day supply) member price 79.25/ if on auto ship $71.32. This daily strip gives you all your vitamins, minerals, and probiotic. Has a patented delivery system which improves absorption. Purchasing this gives you a free lifetime membership so you won't have to pay retail.                       To this, add the Energizing Soy Protein which contains all the essential Amino acids. (If I leave this one off for 2 or 3 days in a row, I will start getting hot flashes.)

Energizing Soy Protein 30 servings member price $35.90 #20665-vanilla.  #20670 Creamy Cocoa Both have 30 servings (2 servings a day should ease hot flashes)                                            

Other suggestions: #20645 Menopause Complex (helps regulate hormonal balance)   #20608 GLA (promotes a sense of well being throughout a woman's monthly cycle.

My favorite to have handy in my purse when my outting ends up being longer than planned,  or sitting in a lengthy meeting, these energy chews provide a quick energy surge and sharpens my focus and alertness. Also great for students in class or athletes.

#2015 Energy Chews (Natural citrus flavor) yummy